Monday, February 14, 2011

New Plush Toys in Town - Whimzy Pets

Webkinz is out?!

That is the same question im trying to ask myself. I have been following the trend on toys, gaming, gadgets and other things that catch my attention and interest. I have seen the rise.. (and fall?) of Webkinz toys. I have seen the fad of Animal Bandz (hello Sarah Jessica Parker) and now, the newest plush toys in town are here. The Whimzy Pets are here to dominate the plush toys industry.

What is Cool about it?!

One thing that kids love is collecting things. From baseball cards to animal bandz - you can see that children just looooove exchanging things/toys with their playmates. Same thing with Whimzy Pets. You can Buy Whimzy Pets for your kids and let the joy of collecting and trading some toys with his/her playmates.

Another is portability. These toys with its size are the best toys to bring wherever and whenever. It fits right to their fingers and of course pockets.

If you are thinking this as a gift for your kids, you should - Buy it, I assure you, your kids will love it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

iPad's Newspaper "The Daily"

According some numerous updates on blogs and news sites. Actually, the Associated Press has a number of unnamed resources with regard to "The Daily" - the very first newspaper venture for the iPad is set for launch. They even stated the location - "San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It will be headed by Ruper Murdoch's News Corp. He will also be the presenter for the "event" next week accompanied by Steve Jobs himself. It is also rumored that there are already a small army of journalist ready for combat. Mind you, these employees are hired accross the country and this includes from big news companies in New York and Los Angeles.

Oh did I mentioned already that it will be out by the end of this month or early February? Yes. It will be debut on early next month.

So watch The Daily - A brand spanking new News App for the iPad on the next few weeks.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review of my Audio Player: iPod Mini

Its a classic. One that others may have forgotten. I still have my iPod Mini with a capacity of not 8, not 16, not 32 but a whopping 4 gigabytes! I remember asking this as a present from my sister, which she gladly granted. I have used this for almost 5 years now and as of now, I am currently using this as my audio player of choice while working or playing my computer. I docked it with a generic portable speaker which run perfect! The battery has still its long life and will all the songs I have put inside, its my precious.

I have been always a fanatic of Apple products but not the iphone. It is a beauty and at the same time useful, but with all the hype, not to mention, every person I know has this already... I will be switching to another manufacturer.. hello Blackberry! But when it comes to audio player, nothing can beat the pods.

I won't change my classic ipod for any other. Maybe, Ill be upgrading soon, but my iPod touch will stay. I won't sell it and will be continuing to use it.

So for my iPod Mini - Kudos! May we never be apart from each other!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Online Psychics Using Tarot Cards

Have you noticed the sudden jump of psychics in cyberspace? There has been numerous psychics or psychic wannabes that joined the bandwagon. The reason... Its profitable! This is the best time for psychics to extend their marketing reach. The world wide web is vast and taking advantage of such medium would mean more money for them.

It has been used for quite some time now, using Tarot Virtual Cards and interpreting them online. It wold actually be like this.. The inquisitor would be sending inquiries online and would then be received by the psychic, afterwhich, it will be done by hand and be interpreted and then be delivered again to the customer. It is as easy as that. Now, you might be wondering whether it is as effective as if done face to face?

Tarot Virtual Interpretation would solely rely on the psychic's ability to call on metaphysical energies to view and interpret the cards. The medium or approach would be the least concern, Infact, it would be beneficial to both inquisitor and psychic, since they would be doing business right from the comfort of their home. Now how cool is that?

Note: There are some software programs that come in handy with this, it includes numerology calculator and other stuff related to Tarot Cards.

So, to get things right, here is a Tarot Card Introduction video for fanatics out there. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Claim Jumper Coupons - Where To Get it?

Are you scouting around for the best spot for you to enjoy your special birthday? Or perhaps you are searching for a resto by which both you and your your friends can possibly stop back, rest and also feed on for your heart's content? Get your fill of great delicacies with Claim Jumper coupon codes!

For certain i will tell you the truth: I'm a great eater. My desire for foods is certainly scarily very big for a woman who's no more than 5'2". This is why I love eaterys that serve big servings. Claim Jumper is just one of these kind of dining places - their own servings are usually very large as well as their particular meals scrumptiously good!

Conserving up for a rainy day? You can still consume well though still maintain your spending budget by having vouchers. Finding all of them?

1.Official Website

At any time you enroll in the restaurant's on-line membership, they will email amazing special offers also announcement with regards to spanking new items on their food selection directly to your email. Furthermore, they could also send you restaurant coupons! It's also possible to register for their particular newsletter and get semi-monthly messages on their packages menu as well as acquire free coupons for each and every news letter.

2.Third Party Discount Websites

It's also possible to try to find discounts by visiting third party discount sites. All you need to accomplish is actually use a search engine and enter your concern. In this way you obtain different forms of coupon codes for Claim Jumper. Third Party websites contain those discount websites, boards, as well as other Q&A websites where one can get information about how to be able to get as well as print coupons.

3.craigslist and ebay

craigslist and ebay is also a superb spot for a discover deals. So, seek information and verify whether they have some for Claim Jumper readily available for two or three bucks. 1 trick with regard to searching for auction web sites is to do so at the start each week so that the deals are more often than not updated already.

So, if you want to celebrate and consume huge on a budget, get yourself several Claim Jumper coupons. With one of these, you may never have to worry about the bill. It is possible to pay attention to celebrating the night time away with good food and excellent company. Enjoy!

Get Claim Jumper Coupons today to get excellent discounts already.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jimmy Johnson - an NFL Sports Analyst Joins Survivor Ncaragua

Survivor Nicaragua Cast Jimmy Johnson is part of the team. Review Me Not reviews this television hit reality show.

Jimmy Johnson, a coach and today's NFL Sports analyst on FOX joins the Survivor Nicaragua Cast. One of the old time veterans of American football, he was once head coach of Dallas Texas Cowboys and among other state universities that he manages its football team. Jimmy Johnson if ever be a real cast of the Survivor would consider be one of the oldest cast away of the TV series.

Do you think he could pull it off - The show will last 39 days and knowing the Survivor games - well, the title speaks to itself, and with the age of Jimmy Johnson, this is real intense to watch.

So let us just see what happens on its pilot release anytime this coming few months.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Metal Halide Aquarium Lighting Review-Should You Buy it?

It is a no brainer that Metal Halide Aquarium Lights are considered to be the brightest among all lights for aquariums.

Metal Halide Lighting Apparatus are either single or double ended (HQI) bulbs. This technology made the lightning effect really that bright. It also creates a glittering effect of sunlight which makes perfect combination for light loving coral like acropora and millepora. It is also greate for some invertebrates and aquatic plants. This effect makes the marine tank very pleasing to the eyes.

Metal Halide Aquarium Lighting fixtures are usually hot and should be used at a distance from the water's surface or glass. You don't want the temperature of the tank be affected with it's hot effect. But these fixtures often come with fans and/or even chillers depending on the aquarium. It includes actinic and/or lunar lighting so that aquatic pets will survive.

So, if you are thinking to buy a these kinds of lighting, you should consider the following: Aquarium depth, size of aquarium, aquatic pets/corals you may have. With these factors, you would know if you will buy these great lighting apparatus.